How It Works

At Mirafit, we understand that fitness can be life-changing.

We also understand how hard maintaining your fitness can be – especially if you train on your own.

Mirafit Mastery is a fully-developed site that’s free to join and is designed to help start, progress and develop your strength training.

Ideal for beginners, intermediates and even more advanced lifters, there’s something for everyone.

To register, all we need is a few basic details. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll have access to structured exercise progressions which target the whole body.

You can watch videos of each exercise to help you perfect your technique. Make your way through all the exercise levels from Apprentice, to Veteran, to Master, and learn anything from how to do a press up, to how to perfect your L-sits, muscle ups and more.

By signing up you’ll also get access to our exclusive Facebook Group where you can chat to other members, as well as get advice from people in the know.

There will be new workouts added periodically so that you’ve always got new challenges to try. And it’s a fantastic way of structuring your strength training.

We’ll also be implementing a reward system which will give you the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes, so keep an eye out for that.

Ready for a new challenge? Get started now.